23 November 2011


Mediums are a blur to me. I want to take a photograph, transfer it to a piece of wood, etch the details, scan it, digitalize it, make it dance, render it, compose the soundtrack, then project it onto the original work live while narrating an original piece about the subject. My ideas are feasible and my resources are limitless; all except time. If I were born somewhere else and into better money, I wouldn't have this problem, but I wouldn't have the creativity and drive as I do now. I was born into the greatest environment I could possibly imagine; freedom.

I'm not talking about America, I'm talking about my wonderful parents who, as artists themselves, gave me the freedom to pursue whatever I wanted, and I did. Everything. From dance to acting, drumming to photography, I finally found who I am and I can't quite put myself in one specific category. My ambitions stretch greater than any privilege or social accommodation could afford. I will find a way to convey my excellence. And I will find a way to make those who allowed me to be proud.

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